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Passepartouts - Quality

Passepartouts in different qualities - according to your needs

When it comes to the design of mounts, there are only a few limits to creativity. However, some basic considerations should be made before ordering so that the optimum result can be achieved later. This also includes the selection of the appropriate cardboard quality for your passe-partout.
Basically, we offer you three high-quality variants, between which you can choose. All three qualities, which differ in the strength of the cardboard, the manufacturing process and thus in their suitability for archiving, colour fastness and light fastness and last but not least in their pricing, have in common that they offer the exhibits support and protection for decades.
We receive the cartons for our passepartouts from the companies nielsen and Crescent.

Passepartout quality GOOD (white-core quality) - high-quality standard

Passepartouts in acid-free standard quality are made of purified wood cellulose, which consists of secondary fibres. The cartons are coloured using direct dyes, the pH value is between 7.7 and 8.5 (buffered) thanks to buffering with calcium carbonate.
The sizing is carried out without the addition of alum with synthetic sizing agents.
Passepartouts in standard quality are versatile and can be used, for example, for short-term presentations or for decorative purposes. Customers choose this type of passe-partout mainly for posters or other decorative arts, mostly in unlimited quantities.

Passepartout quality BETTER (Conservation Board quality) - the golden mean

In contrast to the standard quality passepartouts, the medium quality cartons are made of cellulose, which consists of fresh fiber. The passe-partout cartons are colored with pigment colorants. Due to the buffering by calcium carbonate, the pH value of these cartons is between 8.5 and 9.5 (buffered).
Above all, high-quality graphics, photographs or documents of value find their place in passepartouts of this quality. All in all, one can say that in contrast to the standard quality, works in limited editions in the BETTER quality are in good hands. With the Conservation Board quality, which is age-resistant according to DIN ISO 9706, you can already achieve museum quality, but with the Rag Mat quality you can achieve even better archiving results.

Passepartout quality BEST (Rag-Mat quality)- special quality for special exhibits

If you want to exhibit an original of high value, preserve sensitive historical documents or photographs, or passepartout limited editions, consider choosing a passepartout from the highest quality cartons.
Here the cardboards are made entirely from purified cotton cellulose, so this is a through-dyed core material with no surface lamination - which means that these passepartout are particularly resistant to ageing, light and colour. They provide optimum protection for the exhibit. The colouring is done with pigments and prevents fading of the passe-partout.
The pH value of these boxes is 7.1 (unbuffered) or 8.5 to 9.0 (buffered by calcium carbonate). There are four shades which are offered unbuffered, i.e. without the addition of calcium carbonate. They are specially made and are suitable for storing and framing blueprints (cyanotopias), colour photographs, albumin prints and dye-transfer prints.

Choose the passe-partout of the right thickness

In principle, the thickness of a passe-partout should be at least 1.4 mm so that there is sufficient air between the glass and the exhibit. Of course, we also offer stronger mounts, which you should choose if you want to frame a work that is worked on sensitive or strongly working material. Passepartouts can be cut by machine up to a thickness of 4.1 mm. Stronger passe-partouts can be produced as double or multiple passe-partouts, which you can use not only for decorative purposes but also very practically, in order to obtain a sufficient depth for object framing.

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